Comprehensive Evaluation

Comprehensive Evaluation


Comprehensive evaluation is the professional judgment of your dentist at Belfield Dental, for a specific patient, at a specific time. In order to make sure that treatment is tailor-made to suit patients’ needs and wants, a comprehensive oral examination is where it all begins.

Comprehensive evaluation include much more than the general checkups and cleanings you had as a kid. They are thorough evaluations of your oral health history and the current health of your mouth, teeth, gums, neck, jaws and throat. Performed over time, these exams can tell you a lot about your teeth and gums.

Belfield Dental Care:

This process will involve a thorough examination of the oral tissues, data collection, radiographs, accurate diagnoses followed by careful treatment planning. Your dentist at Belfield Dental will perform diagnostic tests relevant to the evaluation of the patient in diagnosis and treatment planning.

The patient’s dental record will include the health history, findings and observations of the comprehensive evaluation, and general health assessment. It will also include counseling and recommended preventive measures, as well as consultations with and referrals to other health professionals.

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